The Consignor Contract

Blums Bid Board Auction

1. Blum's Auction Service reserves the right to accept or reject any item for sale on the Bid Board.

2. The base commission rate for Bid Board consignment items is 25% per item with a minimum of $2.00 per item ($2.00 minimum commission also applies to each item that does not sell and will be clerked as no bid or no sale items at $2.00 for every that does not sell) plus:

  • All box lots excluding sports cards and comics will carry an additional $5.00 charge. 

3. All items must be packaged by the consignor per Blum's Auction specifications (please see Blum's consignor tips and guidelines sheet available at desk) and dropped off at your appointment time. If you do not have an appointment, you can make one at the registration desk.

4. Consignor has 10 days from the sale date to remove no sale items or they will be considered abandoned and disposed of. Any large or floor standing no sale items not picked up within 10 days will be assessed an extra disposal charge.

5. Blum's Auction required that any gas or electric powered item is in good working order and is guaranteed by consignor. If any item is found to be in unusable or non working condition, it will be returned to the Auction house for removal by the consignor and must be picked up within 10 days of phone notification. Any items not picked up within the time allotted will be disposed of and an disposal fee will be charged. Items include but are not limited to: TVs, stereos, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, DVD & VCR players & recorders, radios (unless antique), exercise equipment, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and any items marked "works".

     5A. Due to an increase in items brought in that have been described incorrectly with descriptions such as "as is", "works", "like new", or are in nonworking condition and are not marked as such, we will now be deducting a fee from your consignor check for these items. This also includes incorrectly tagged items such as coins, jewelry, and purses. If your item is on the auction floor and is found to be in nonworking order after a bid is placed on it, or sold and returned, the fees will be either the commission on the high bid of the item, or a $15.00 minimum charge; whichever is higher. We expect our consignors to use honest language when writing their descriptions and consignors not complying will no longer be tolerated!

6. Blum's Auction is in no way liable for loss of merchandise due to fire, theft, loss, or damage. 

7. The consignor may establish minimum opening bid (reserves) on individual items, but that minimum bid is subject to the standard commission rate. If the reserve item does not sell, the standard rate is still charged with a maximum charge of $10.00 for each reserve item. Minimum bids may only be established prior to posting on the Bid Board. Once posted on the Bid Board no minimum may be added nor may any reserve be lowered without authorization of Blum's Auction. Only one reserve item will be accepted to every 15 non reserve items. 

8. Consignors are not allowed by PA state law to bid on their own items. 

9. Although Blum's Auction Service makes every attempt to post all your items on the next Bid Board we make no guarantee to when items will be posted. Blum's Auction will return, upon request, any item belonging to the consignor, prior to posting, without cost or penalty. Once an item is posted on the Bid Board it may not be removed from the bidding process. 

10. Payment for Bid Board items, unless otherwise posted, is made the third week after the close of the Bid Board. Consignors may pick up their payment at Blum's Auction Bid Board location on Fri 12-8, Sat 11-8, Sun 11-5 of that weekend. Any payment not picked up during those hours will be mailed to the consignor the following week. 

11. Consignor checks are good for 120 days from issue date. After 120 days you can still receive a replacement check if original outdated check is returned to Blum's. An administration fee of $2.00 for each month past the first 120 days will be deducted and a check will be issued for the remaining amount. In the case of lost checks, we will reissue replacement checks but consignor is responsible for all stop payment and bank fees.

12. Consignor warrants that the items consigned for sale on the Bid Board are free and clear of any liens or encumbrances and they have complete title and right to sell, where by waiving Blum's Auction from any legal actions that may arise. 

13. Terms and conditions are subject to change. All changes will  be posted at auction facility for 60 days from date of change. This contract may be revoked at any time at the discretion of Blum's management.